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Tunes Plus 2.6.0

A new digital music store that changes the way you sell music online.
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tunes-plus Tunes Plus is the next generation digital music store. It helps you to get your digital music superstore published into your site, blog or social network.
Why your music store should be Plus.

If you spend more time trying to get your music store to work and less time doing your tunes or improving your music business, its time to get Tunes Plus. Because with Tunes Plus you dont need pay percentage of each song you sell and receive the payment directly from your fans. That's why people who get Tunes Plus love Tunes. And why you will, too.

Give Tunes Plus a try to see what its all about!

Here are some key features of "Tunes Plus":

MP3 Song:
When you import MP3 music files, Plus automatically fill in details using the file ID3 information and you can create a sample from them in one click.

MP3 Album:
Sell your digital music album. Select what songs, images or files you want add to create a zip file of a digital album.

FLV Video:
Delivery High Definition video clips, shows and exclusive video content from your music store.

Free MP3 Song:
Distribute your free digital music or pre-define the music price range. Lets fans set the digital music price (Get user suggested price or donations).

Free MP3 Album:
Delivery your free digital music album or set the album price range. Lets fans set the digital music album price.

Puts your digital photos in one place and just one click away.

Audio CD:
Sell your entire music catalog in one organized place. Set the price, shipping method and rates.

Youtube Video:
Your fans can enjoy YouTube videos direct from your music store, discovery other videos or visit your Youtube channel.

Send you fan to any internet place, resource or web service. Your store its a place where fans connect with your band.

As you accumulate more and more itemtypes, consider organizing them in folders.

Create a shortcut based on your desired search criteria. Easy redirect your fans to recent music, promotions, and albums at your store.

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App's Details
Our Rating: rating  9/10
License: Freeware
Added / Updated: 20.10.2010 / 20.10.2010
Publishers URL: Publisher's Website
Size: 18,4 MB
Downloads: 851 x / Download Now!

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