Transform XP to Vista 3.1

Bring innovation into your work without buying a new PC or a system
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transform-xp-to-vista Bring innovation into your work without buying a new PC or a system. So if you want to make your computer get a modern Vista look, this is the perfect solution.

The package includes:

  • Yahoo widgets - a lot of small and beautiful assistants. Anything you could only imagine on your desktop - from PC temperature to mini games.
  • Vista Theme - a special theme developed by Microsoft which transforms Windows XP into Windows Vista.
  • Vista Start Menu - modifies not only menu's skin but also its functionality. Learn how a convenient menu looks like.

The items of the package complement each other, and do not disrupt your work.

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App's Details
Our Rating: rating  9/10
License: Freeware
Added / Updated: 17.09.2010 / 21.02.2011
Publishers URL: Publisher's Website
Size: 11,9 MB
Downloads: 1245 x / Download Now!

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