Sherlock Spy Suite

An application that can monitor, record and transmit all computer activity.
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sherlock-spy-suite Sherlock Spy Suite is an application that can monitor, record and transmit everything a user does in a computer. Sherlock will record whatever the user types, copies or pastes, take high definition, full resolution screenshots of the user's screen, and so much more. Sherlock Spy Suite stands out because it is the only keylogger that combines unprecedented capabilities with an extremely user-friendly interface. That means that anyone can set it up and monitor a computer effectively, with just a few clicks! Give Sherlock Spy Suite a try to see what it's really capable of!

Here are some key features of "Sherlock Spy Suite":

Keystroke Logging
Sherlock Spy Suite is a computer program that can monitor, record, and transmit everything a user does in their computer. Sherlock will record every key the user presses, everything the user cuts, copies or pastes, and take high definition images of their screen.

Sherlock is very capable. It can record all vital information and easily report it back to you. Sherlock includes all the necessary features, all the features you would need in a spy suite.

Interface & Design
Computer monitoring should be easy - so that everyone could do it. Sherlock does just that. Unlike other keyloggers and spy suites, which have a difficult to navigate interface, Sherlock is very user friendly, so much so, that anyone can set it up and monitor a computer effectively.

Clipboard Monitoring
Sherlock can monitor the contents of the clipboard. That means that it can log whatever the user has copied, cut, or pasted anywhere. This can be very useful when you want to find passwords to secure websites or services. Usually, since these passwords are very difficult to remember, the user will copy and paste it from somewhere, giving you a stealthy peek.

Screenshot Capturing
Sherlock can periodically capture full size, high definition screenshots of the user’s computer. This means that you can visually see what the user was doing - and have convincing evidence of their actions.

The key feature of any good keylogger and spy suite is its ability to stay hidden. Sherlock is a master at that. Stealth begins from the very installation steps. Sherlock is installed in a very secret and inconspicuous location, and all of its files have names that relate to Windows’ programs, so that nobody will understand that Sherlock is installed in their system.

Sherlock also has a stealth mode. This means that, when you press the Stealth button, Sherlock automatically hides from everywhere : the task bar, the task manager, and anywhere else where someone can see it. When in stealth mode, Sherlock will be able to monitor, record and send information, without alerting the user.

If you want to access Sherlock while it is in Stealth mode, you need to use the secret key combination : Control + Shift + Alt + S. Once pressed, Sherlock will exit Stealth mode and you will be able to change settings, stop monitoring, or review logs.

Sherlock keeps logs of all the recorded information, and saves them in a file in its directory every time it exits. This enables you to easily copy that file and have evidence of all user activity in hard copy.

E-mail Reporting
Part of Sherlock’s ability to transmit information is the ability to send e-mails to you, containing the recorded logs. It is very simple. You enter your e-mail address and select the logs you want to be sent to you, and when. Sherlock will periodically send e-mails to you containing all the information you have selected. Sherlock works with all the major e-mail services - Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, and not only. Sherlock enables you to enter custom SMTP credentials, so that you can send e-mails from any e-mail service.

FTP Uploading
Sherlock’s transmitting capabilities do not stop there. Sherlock enables you to systematically upload the log file on your FTP server, so that you can access the logs themselves remotely.

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