Rank Tracker 6.4.4

Program that provides information about your rank on the web
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rank-tracker You must track your search engine positions to verify that you have reached your SEO goals. If you don't measure, how do you expect to know what needs to be improved? Yeah, you can guess and hope you get it right, but if you have effective tracking SEO tool, then you simply have unbeatable facts in front of you.

Rank Tracker is a program that provides information about your rank on the web.
With Rank Tracker SEO Tool, you can check major search engines for all your keywords at once. Moreover, Rank Tracker allows you to track the progress of your search engine rankings over time.

Here are some key features of "Rank Tracker":

  • Reveals your rankings for an unlimited number of keywords
  • Immediately see how well you're ranking over time for the unlimited number of keywords you target in Google, Yahoo! and MSN.
  • Tracks an unlimited number of sites
  • Unlike other software, Rank Tracker allows you checking your rankings for as many websites as you need.
  • Supports regional versions of Google, Yahoo! and MSN
  • The currently supported regional versions include UK, Germany, France, Australia, Spain, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, and more. Plus, Rank Tracker supports local search engines, like Baidu, Ask, Yandex, Rambler.
  • Keeps you updated on the rankings fluctuations
  • Rank Tracker keeps a daily, weekly and monthly change record to notify you where your site ranks for any search term, at any time.
  • Creates eye-candy graphs that demonstrate your progress visually
  • Images speak louder than words - go ahead, view pretty progress graphs that will show you how well you are rankings over any time period.
  • Runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Rank Tracker is cross-platform, and runs seamlessly on Windows, Linux and Mac. Meaning you can run it on your Windows XP-based home PC and your Mac laptop with no fuss.
  • Save is disabled

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Our Rating: rating  8/10
License: Demo
Added / Updated: 13.05.2011 / 13.08.2012
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Size: 42,5 MB
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