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Powerful CD burning software with loads of features
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nti-media-maker NTI Media Maker is a reliable solution for burning all the CDs and DVDs you will ever want. Using NTI Media Maker and a supported CD/DVD recorder, you can produce Compact Discs in various formats, including CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, DVD-ROM, Audio CD, Video CD, Mixed Mode, and CD Extra.

The familiar Windows interface makes CD-ROM publishing as easy as dragging and dropping files or pointing and clicking a mouse. Simply drag and drop files from your source hard disk or other media to your CD layout image and in minutes you will have mastered your own CD.

NTI Media Makers intuitive user interface allows you to instantly navigate your way around your computer to locate files easily. Locate files using the Windows's find utility easily from the toolbar. Our all-new user interface has never been easier. All operations are accomplished in very simple steps. Each step is clearly identified by NTI Media Maker.

Recording most CD types is a simple two-step process: step one, layout the target disc using tools like Explorer and Find directly from the NTI Media Maker 9 window, step two writes the CD.

Creating your own CDs has never been easier or faster Using NTI Media Maker 9 and now you can create your own personalized jewel case covers and CD labels with our new JewelCase Maker program.

Here are some key features of "NTI Media Maker (formerly NTI CD & DVD Maker)":

New NTI Media Maker 9 Sidebar gadget for easier and faster media burn.

Takes advantage of 32-bit power of Windows and supports long file names.

CD Copy supports most major CD formats, including: CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, DVD-ROM, Audio CD, Video CD, Mixed Mode and CD Extra.

Pre-masters data CD (CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, DVD-ROM), and Audio CD.

FileCD for convenient drag-and-drop, packet-writing to BD-RE/±RW/-RAM or CD-RW media.

Makes Audio CD from WAV, WMA, or MP3 files.

Drag & Drop files to create disc images.

Adjustable software settings make CD recording a smooth and reliable operation.

Read track will backup a track from a disc in the CD-Recorder to a hard disk.

Compile Audio CD sounds from various source CDs to a CD-R disc with a minimum hard disk space requirement

Multi-session support.

Session Explorer, File Compare Utility, and JewelCase Maker.

Track-At-Once, Disc-At-Once, and Session-At-Once recording.

User selectable inter-track gap.

Plug-In support to enhance the power of your NTI Media Maker 9 software.

New UDF versions to support disc layout properties: 2.0, 2.5, and 2.6.

Enhanced audio functions in Ripper, MP3 discs, and other Audio format supported by MP3HDâ„¢.

Available cross media copy for single track data disc from CD to DVD to Blu-ray.

New disk image source support (*.CUE/BIN & *CCD) in Copy, Data Disc, and Video_TS.

Updated Settings such as user interface color and language settings.

Records Audio CD’s on the fly directly from line-in and microphone, ideal for live sound recording such as Karaoke.

Premasters Video CD/Super VCD, Mixed Mode, CD Extra, and Custom CD.

MPEG-1 encoding converts AVI files to MPEG-1 format for Video CD mastering.

MPEG-2 encoding converts AVI files to MPEG-2 format for Super Video CD mastering.

VCD/SVCD Slideshow with and without background audio.


MP3 encoding converts CD tracks, WMA, and WAV files to MP3 format.

WMA encoding converts CD tracks, WAV, and MP3 files to WMA format.

New and improved JewelCase Maker utility to design your own CD labels and jewel-case inserts.

Audio Editor with Trim, Normalize, Fade, Echo, Filter and Amplify functions.

Create a MP3 CD from any supported audio track.

Create a WMA CD from any supported audio track.


500 MB for program installation
10 GB of working space
CD/DVD/Blu-ray Recorded recommended


30 days trial

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Our Rating: rating  9/10
License: Trial
Added / Updated: 17.09.2010 / 17.09.2010
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Restrictions : 30 days trial

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