Madotate 3D Desktop 2.02.02

Matodate is a resource friendly way to add a space saving 3D effect to your windows.
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madotate-3d-desktop Interact with any version of Windows (98 / Me / 2000 / XP / VISTA) in a 3d desktop, without loading up the system resources.

In my quest for a more interactive 3D desktop on Windows XP, I came up with lots of programs. Some of them were nice, but they were occupying to many system resources (512mb of ram or so). Bottom line, they were useless.

If you are using a MAC and would like to use the 3D Desktop software the easy way is tu use this very nice Windows virtualization tool that mimes Windows on your MAC.
I managed to find a program that makes 3d desktop possible under Windows 2000/XP and Windows VISTA. It's called Madotate. The only problem is that it was written by a japanese in it's native language. After some diggings, I managed to find it with an english interface.

The program took at peak usage about 5 megs of RAM so it's perfect. And it helps organizing windows a lot.

To install it, just create a folder on your harddrive, unzip all files and run it. It also includes a plugin that adds a button on every window to make it 3d/2d.

Note: Madotate 3D Desktop also works with Windows VISTA and Windows 7.

  • doesn't require a lot of resources
  • can improve space management
  • cool 3D effect
  • not 100% compatible with some new programs
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Our Rating: rating  8/10
License: Freeware
Added / Updated: 13.07.2009 / 13.09.2010
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