IMBooster 3.33.0

An addon for Windows Live Messenger, AIM and Yahoo! Messenger which adds entertaining content to chats
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imbooster IMBooster is a cool addon for Windows Live Messenger, AIM and Yahoo! Messenger which adds entertaining content to chats: Emoticons, Winks, BigEmos, FireNudge, Video Winks, Buddy Bubbles, TV streaming and Dynamic Display Pictures. It also provides users the possibility of creating
personalized emoticons and winks with the help of a webcam or from the
photos or videos stored on their computer.

Now, directly from the Add-on you can create emovids by recording the webcam (if you have one!) and send it instantly while you are on a chat session.

Here are some key features of "IMBooster (formerly IMinent)":

  • Emoticons: Every week, one or more sets of five Emoticons are added to IMBooster. Each emoticon is original, high quality and absolutely free of use for all Emoticons. Friends don't need IMBooster in order to see Emoticons. Emoticons can also be created by IMBooster users from a personal photo or with a webcam
  • BigEmos: The enlarged version of Emoticons, five times wider than a normal one, containing different messages or expressions
  • Winks: Flash based animations with different messages or expressions, but also different impressive pranks. In order to be visible to friends, they have to have IMBooster installed
  • FireNudge: An IMBooster bypass for the normal nudge system which allows you to send a series of five consecutive nudges. FireNudge can be blocked by users who also have IMBooster installed
  • Video Winks: The same principle as the winks: flash animation, but in this case, video based. Can also be created by IMBooster users from a personal video or with a webcam
  • Buddy Bubbles: This service allows users to send their chat texts in a speech bubble attached to a cartoon character. The character expresses a unique emotion, thus adding to emphasizing emotions
  • TV Streaming: Users can watch TV together with the help of this service No additional software is required for this
  • Dynamic Display Pictures: Also called Mood Avatars, these are display pics representing cartoon characters which react to what you type. When expressing love with "kiss", the avatar interprets the text and changes to the same character, only with a loving expression. A differentiating characteristic is that this service contains hidden key triggers that activate hidden and impressive moods

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Our Rating: rating  9/10
License: Freeware (Ads)
Added / Updated: 08.10.2010 / 08.10.2010
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