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Efficient Diary 3.10 Build 322

Easy-to-use and powerful electronic diary software package
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efficient-diary The Efficient Diary application was designed to be a completely free while still beautiful, easy-to-use and powerful electronic diary software package.

With its unique and powerful flash full-text search technique, you can simply enter a word in the diary to quickly find the corresponding entries! The product has a strong edit function similar to that of Microsoft Word. You can insert various items such as tables, pictures, emotions, URLs or even attachments. You can set the background color, background picture of each diary entry separately so your diary can be rich and colorful.

The login password is encrypted by the irreversible algorithm of SHA; besides, the content of the file itself is encrypted so that your private information is fully protected.

Except for managing diary entries by date, you can also manage it by hierarchical grouping. There is a Recycle Bin in the software so you do not need to worry that you may delete a diary entry by mistake. It also provides various unique features such as you can specify a weather icon and an emotion icon for each diary entry, can specify importance for diary entries, and can copy and paste diary entries, etc.

Time marches on, while with Efficient Diary, we can record our perceptions and experiences along the way. Spend some time with Efficient Diary each day - looking into today's feelings, recalling the memories of the past, and expecting the happiness in the future. A happy life can't be without Efficient Diary!

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App's Details
Our Rating: rating  9/10
License: Freeware
Added / Updated: 27.10.2010 / 14.08.2012
Publishers URL: Publisher's Website
Size: 3,5 MB
Downloads: 584 x / Download Now!

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