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Advanced Music Production System
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cubase Cubase 4 represents the cutting edge in digital audio workstations. Designed for professionals from the ground up, Cubase converges extraordinary sound quality, intuitive handling and a vast range of highly advanced audio and MIDI tools for composition, recording, editing and mixing.

With Cubase you'll be able to create your own music, mix tracks and enhance the sound quality of your audio files like a pro.

Here are some key features of "Cubase":

- Basics
- Cubase 4 allows you to produce more efficiently and with better ergonomics than ever before. Its tremendous flexibility allows it to adapt perfectly to suit your individual working methods and working environment.
- Audio Recording and Editing
- Offering first-rate capabilities for audio recording and editing, Cubase 4 provides top-class studios, music producers and live recording rigs with the state-of-the-art facilities they need to stay ahead.
- MIDI Sequencing
- Ergonomic MIDI editors, extensive quantization functions, creative MIDI effects: Cubase 4 offers probably the most impressive MIDI sequencing capabliities available anywhere.
- Music Notation and Score Printing
- Including top-class tools for even the most complex compositions, the enhanced Score Editor offers just about any function needed for professional notation editing and printing.
- Mixing
- FX returns, group channels, control room and much more - the freely configurable Mixer offers all the functions you need for professional stereo and surround mixes.
- Automation
- Mixers, effects, VST instruments ? you can automate nearly all parameters in Cubase 4 to create fades, pans, filter sweeps and many more effects.
- Effect Plug-ins
- Cubase 4 offers a complete set of brand new first-rate VST3 effect plug-ins for mixing, mastering and creating innovative sound effects.
- VST Instruments
- The incredible-sounding yet exceedingly versatile VST instruments included in Cubase 4 right out of the box provide a huge range of top-quality sounds and textures for just about any musical style and genre.
- Media Management
- Cubase 4 offers a revolutionary media database system, making management of all types of media on your system easier than ever before and integrating media resources directly within the creative production process.
- Surround
- Cubase 4 is a fully surround capable environment with all the functions required for multi-channel audio production, including audio channels and busses with up to six channels, surround panners and a fully surround capable VST3 plug-in set.
- Video
- With its Video Thumbnail Track and support for a huge range of video formats, Cubase 4 unites video fuinctionality with its peerless composition and production tools to produce an ideal environment for composing movie or TV soundtracks.
- Software/Hardware Integration
- Cubase 4 allows the integration and control of external hardware with unprecedented ease. Now you can use external instruments and outboard effect hardware just like plug-ins - with all the benefits that entails.
- Control Room
- Control Room is a groundbreaking system that places Cubase at the heart of studio monitoring and recording workflows, including four Studio Sends, four customizable monitoring setups, external inouts, headphone bus, talkback and much more.

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Added / Updated: 21.09.2010 / 21.09.2010
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