All2WAV Recorder 4.00

An application that helps you record any sound from your sound card
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all2wav-recorder All2WAV Recorder is a program that makes very easy for you the audio recording and playing.

With All2WAV you can record sound from the microphone, Internet streaming audio, games or media files (played by All2WAV Recorder or other multimedia applications. e.g. WinAmp, RealOne Player, Windows Media Player).

Recorded sound is saved in wave-file format. You can set the sound quality of the wave file (from 11KHz 8-bit Mono to 44KHZ 16-bit Stereo).

All2WAV Recorder doesn't install any sound driver to your computer (so your computer will be clean) but it needs DirectX8.0 or higher (now most computers already have it).

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App's Details
Our Rating: rating  8/10
License: Freeware
Added / Updated: 26.07.2009 / 26.06.2010
Publishers URL: Publisher's Website
Size: 2,4 MB
Downloads: 719 x / Download Now!

Restrictions : No Restrictions

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